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Night Swim

“Night Swim,” the 2024 supernatural horror film directed by Bryce McGuire, dives into the chilling depths of a family’s encounter with a sinister swimming pool. Starring Wyatt Russell and Kerry Condon, the movie promises thrills and chills, but does it deliver or leave audiences gasping for air?

A Familiar Premise With a Unique Twist

The film follows Ray Waller (Russell), a former baseball player forced into early retirement by a degenerative illness. Seeking a fresh start, he moves his family to a new house with a seemingly idyllic backyard pool. However, their dream home harbors a dark secret: the pool is haunted by a malevolent entity that preys on their vulnerabilities.


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While the haunted house narrative is well-trodden territory, “Night Swim” attempts to differentiate itself by focusing on the pool as the source of terror. This unique setting offers intriguing possibilities, and the film effectively utilizes the watery environment to create suspense and unease.

Drowning in Clichés or Finding Hidden Depths?

Unfortunately, “Night Swim” doesn’t fully capitalize on its potential. The plot relies heavily on familiar horror tropes, including jump scares, creepy reflections, and a predictable descent into paranoia. While some of these elements are executed competently, they fail to surprise or leave a lasting impact.

Movie poster for Night Swim (2024)

The film’s biggest weakness lies in its underdeveloped characters. The Wallers are archetypal figures rather than well-rounded individuals, making it difficult to truly connect with their struggles. This lack of emotional depth hinders the film’s ability to generate genuine scares and chills.

Treading Water Instead of Breaking New Ground

Despite its shortcomings, “Night Swim” isn’t entirely without merit. The atmosphere is undeniably creepy, and the cinematography effectively captures the unsettling nature of the pool. The performances, particularly by Russell and Condon, are solid, even if they are hampered by the script’s limitations.

Wyatt Russell and Kerry Condon in Night Swim (2024)

Ultimately, “Night Swim” is a decent but forgettable horror film. It offers a few effective scares and an interesting premise, but it’s weighed down by predictable plot elements and underdeveloped characters. If you’re looking for a truly innovative and chilling experience, you might want to keep searching for deeper waters.

In Conclusion:

“Night Swim” is a watchable horror film with a unique setting and a decent atmosphere. However, its reliance on clichés, underdeveloped characters, and predictable plot prevents it from reaching its full potential. If you’re a die-hard horror fan, you might find some entertainment here. But for those seeking something more original and terrifying, this movie might leave you feeling a little dry.

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