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Karmma Calling Season 1

Story: A young woman is on a mission to destroy all those who wronged her father and destroyed her childhood. But how far can she go in her quest for revenge?

Review: Indrani Kothari (Raveena Tandon) is the undisputed queen of Alibaug. Not only is she the boss at home and her multi-crore conglomerate Kothari industries, but she also calls the shots in high society. But her life changes when a young girl named Karma Talwar (Namrata Sheth) outbids her in the race to buy a neighbouring villa, which was once occupied by Indrani’s best friend Dolly (Waluscha). That’s because Karma has come with only one thing on her mind – revenge, at any cost.


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Adapted from the hit U.S. original series ‘Revenge’, ’Karmma Calling’ constantly struggles to organically fit in the elements of a bloodsoaked revenge in Indrani’s glossy world, which is far from perfect. The biggest issue here is the superficial and lazy writing that squarely focuses on replicating a western story into an uber-rich Desi setting. There are multiple characters but almost each one of them is a total stereotype with hardly any depth. They constantly stress on words like ‘paisewale’ and ‘gareeb’ making the whole narrative sound so jaded. There is also no dearth of inconsistencies in the characterisations and their situations. For example, one never knows how Karma, an orphan, ends up with so much wealth and what work she really does. There is a set of brothers, who run a palatial cafe in the beach town but the younger one is constantly cribbing about their family being broke and gareeb. Indrani’s daughter Mira (Devangshi Sen) is an instagrammer, who lives for likes and shares, but accuses her mother of being fake and made-up. Both, the dialogues and the writing lack conviction in equal measure, which is why it is impossible to feel a thing for these characters.

Even the most central character like that of Indrani comes across as confused about her intentions and what she really stands for. At most times, Karma’s revenge seems easily achieved and her planning completely preposterous. She’s able to go about causing massive damage in Indrani’s life and those connected to her, without breaking a sweat.

The saving grace of the show is Raveena Tandon, who proves her mettle even on the small screen, as she aces the nuances of her character, despite all the inconsistencies in the writing. Namrata Sheth delivers confidently. Viraf Patel as a rich gay man Zane Khan comes across as annoyingly caricaturish. Rohit Roy is good in his limited screen time as Karma’s father Satyajit. Varun Sood and Devangshi Sen, who play Indrani’s rebellious children are good eye candy, but they could use a few more expressions.

Sure, there is that sweet sense of satisfaction due to Karma’s retribution, no matter how easily she achieves it. It does make one look forward to more damage and a closure in the end. But all in all, ‘Karmma Calling’ falls short of being the riveting revenge drama that it aspired to be. It lacks the soul, the emotional heft and the conviction that was needed make it a dish best served cold.

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