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Aspirants Session 1 and 2

Story: ‘Aspirants season 2’ follows Abhilash on his first posting as the DM of Rampur, Guri’s financial troubles and his constant attempts to gain government contracts, and SK’s struggles in between the two.

Review: ‘Aspirants Season 2’ takes viewers on a new journey, diving into the lives of Abhilash (Naveen Kasturia), SK (Abhilash Thapiyal) and Guri (Shivankit Parihar) as they navigate the challenges of their professional careers and the evolving dynamics of their friendship.


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Created by TVF, this season builds on the success of the first, offering a deeper dive into the characters’ present lives and the changes that come with adulthood. The most noticeable transformation is the shift in the camaraderie of the ‘tripod’ as they transition from close friends to acquaintances. This transition is shown candidly, echoing the problems many people face in keeping friendships when their priorities shift in life. However, the series retains the relatable and compelling flavor that made the first season a success.

Abhilash’s journey as the District Magistrate in Rampur serves as a central plotline, testing his administrative skills and putting him at odds with Sandeep Bhaiya (Sunny Hinduja), whom he once idolized. Guri and SK grapple with their own professional struggles, leading to a reunion of the three friends. Their interactions reveal a compelling narrative about personal growth and friendship.

The direction by Apoorv Singh Karki depicts the complexities of the characters’ post-exam lives with authenticity. The portrayal of the day-to-day realities of an administrative job appears genuine, making it relatable to viewers. The series deftly blends the past and present, tracing Abhilash’s rise from aspirant to working official. The show leaves room for anticipation of the next season, promising more interesting narratives.

The performances by the cast are commendable. Naveen Kasturia’s portrayal of Abhilash in both roles, as an intelligent civil servant and a stubborn aspirant, is impressive. Shivankit Singh Parihar delivers a nuanced performance as Guri, reflecting the character’s evolving work stress. While somewhat petulant, Abhilash Thapliyal’s SK accurately captures the character’s issues. Sunny Hinduja and Namita Dubey offer varying results as the focus shifts, and the new additions, notably Tengam Celine as Deepa Nabam, bring depth to the story.

Overall, ‘Aspirants Season 2’ continues to explore friendship dynamics and the challenges of transitioning into professional life. While it may not match the heights of its predecessor, it is a valuable addition to the web series landscape, offering a relatable and authentic portrayal of personal growth and evolving friendships.

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