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Anyone But You

Anyone But You,” a romantic comedy from director Will Gluck, whisks viewers away to a sun-drenched Australian summer filled with laughter, love, and mistaken identities. Starring the charming duo of Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, the film offers a lighthearted escape with stunning visuals and undeniable romantic chemistry between its leads. However, does it dive deep enough to leave a lasting impression, or does it remain afloat on the surface of predictable rom-com tropes?

A Chance Encounter Sparks Unexpected Fireworks

The story follows Bea (Sweeney), a law student on the verge of a breakdown, and Ben (Powell), a carefree finance guy with a knack for getting into trouble. Their paths collide in a Sydney cafe, leading to a hilarious bathroom emergency and a spur-of-the-moment lie that throws them into a whirlwind romance. Bea, desperate to avoid her family’s judgment, pretends Ben is her fiancé, while Ben, ever the opportunist, sees a chance to impress his ex-girlfriend’s wealthy family.


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As their fabricated relationship unfolds amidst the picturesque backdrop of Sydney Harbour, sparks begin to fly between Bea and Ben. Their initial attraction deepens into something more genuine, forcing them to confront their true feelings and the consequences of their deception.

Sweeney and Powell Shine, But the Script Stays Shallow

The film’s undeniable strength lies in its central performances. Sweeney is captivating as the quick-witted and fiercely independent Bea, while Powell brings effortless charm and humor to the role of the roguishly lovable Ben. Their chemistry is electric, carrying the film even when the plot falters.

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell in Anyone But You

However, the script by Kimberly Barker doesn’t fully capitalize on the actors’ potential. The story relies heavily on clichés and predictable rom-com tropes, leaving little room for genuine surprises or emotional depth. While the humor lands most of the time, the jokes often feel recycled, and the characters’ motivations remain somewhat underdeveloped.

A Visual Feast That Lacks Emotional Heft

Visually, “Anyone But You” is a delight. The film captures the beauty of Sydney in all its glory, from the iconic Opera House to the stunning beaches. The cinematography is polished, and the production design is sleek and stylish. However, the focus on aesthetics sometimes comes at the expense of emotional engagement. The film prioritizes creating postcard-perfect moments over delving into the characters’ inner struggles, leaving the audience wanting more depth and substance.

A Breezy Romp, But Don’t Expect to Dive Deep

In conclusion, “Anyone But You” is a pleasant, lighthearted watch that provides a temporary escape with its beautiful setting, charming leads, and undeniable romantic chemistry. However, those seeking a rom-com with more emotional depth and originality might be left feeling a little unsatisfied. If you’re in the mood for a predictable but enjoyable beach read brought to life on screen, then “Anyone But You” might just be the ticket. But for those seeking a deeper dive into love and relationships, this film might leave you treading water rather than truly swimming for the shore.

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